Rahul's journey of becoming a better version of himself

Rahul's journey of becoming a better version of himself - Joyya

Rahul has been the rock of our customer care department. Most of you may have interacted with him while placing your orders. One lazy afternoon we sat with Rahul to hear about his experience of working in Joyya. Read on to know about him, his work and how working at Joyya has shaped him to a responsible person.

What do you like most about the job?

Rahul: I love my job. I get to know new people everyday; I interact with them; each day is a unique learning opportunity.

What are the challenges you face at work?

Rahul: My work is complex. I have to keep a check on trails of email. We can make it a lot easier with technology, but right now we do not have them. I need to meet with different department managers and plan the scheduling of orders. My work is interesting, but challenging as well.

On tough days, what keeps you going?

Rahul: I am very passionate about my job. Some days are really tough with customer inquiries and critical issues. I keep myself motivated by remembering why I am here. I found no company like Joyya. When I understood the mission of Joyya, I found it very inspiring. My colleagues and volunteers come from foreign lands and work here. I am touched by their sacrifice and dedication. And I am from Kolkata, this is my city, these are my people. I am happy to contribute to a business with a purpose.

Can you share with us any memorable interaction you had with a buyer:

Rahul: I am working in the customer care department for over four years. There are many people I have interacted with. I remember many of them and with some I am friends. Recently an order request came from Hong Kong and the order was challenging. It was a big order also; it had a brief timeline. I worked along with the production team members to make it happen. The customer was very pleased; he sent me an appreciation message. Seeing the message made me smile.

What are the learnings of this job?

Rahul: I have learned a lot from this job and am still learning. The first is responsibility. Another to be a problem solver. How can I be a part of the solution? Even in my personal life, now I look for a way to solve things rather than complaining.

How will the customer care department for Joyya look in future?

Rahul: First of all improvement, we are never 100% perfect. Giving visibility to customers so they can see what’s happening to their orders. Recently I got a teammate, she is learning now. Now that we are more in a team, I believe our turnaround time to respond to customer queries will be faster.

How’s a typical workday for you?

Rahul: Exciting–every day I have meetings to attend, solve order related inquiries. For responding to each customer query, I need to collect information from various departments. Also, training others in my department.

How Joyya has impacted your life?

Rahul: My father died before I was born. I miss my dad. I just have one picture of my Dad, which I keep seeing. My mom moved from Kolkata to Mumbai. She set up a small business in Mumbai. I grew up with aunty and granny in Kolkata. It was difficult for them to raise me but they did it. They took all my responsibilities. They have immensely contributed to my life.

After completing school, my family could not support me financially. I took up many odd jobs, like being an attendant to support my studies. I did not have any mentor, so I took all decisions by myself. I started off working in various sectors like BPO, sales, aviation. Because of work, I visited places as well. I would just think of a job as a means of survival. But Joyya allowed me to grow, pick up new skills, and develop myself.

After joining Joyya, I learned about personal values. What does it take to be a good human being? As a person, I have grown. Now, I am much more responsible. I am more sensitive in understanding the problems of others; I am empathetic. Joyya helped me to be a better version of myself.