Maturing and becoming responsible at a young age

Maturing and becoming responsible at a young age - Joyya

 Earlier I used to study and play. My father was the only breadwinner of the family. But suddenly due to health reasons my father passed away. After my father's death, I sat my high school exam. Thereafter, I had to discontinue my studies.

I started working at a small place. I had to face a lot of challenges while working there. I used to return home very late at night. So finally, I had to quit my job. One of the employees from here stays in my locality. I shared my problem with him. After hearing my situation, he helped me get a job here. We work together cheerfully. Everyone helps one another.

Earlier I didn't have any money. I couldn't do anything for anyone. I used to feel sad about it. Now after the company pays my salary on time, I can save some money. The first thing I did was to fulfil my mom's desires. I was able to buy some household items. During the holidays I gifted my mom a TV. I bought clothes for my grandparents and my first cousins. I purchased things for my family too. I feel very happy about the things I can do now.

I work in the packing department. I get all the bags and tees from the production unit. I pack and organize them for delivery. I try my level best to see our products dispatched to our customers on time.

The environment where I live is not good. There are regular fights. People are addicts. They get intoxicated and fight. Also, the place where I stay with my mom is very small. We are dealing with a lot of difficulties. People around me are also living in distress. If we can help them out, it would be great.

I had a dream to be a painter. I used to draw a lot. But because of my situation, I had to stop painting. I have a deep desire, by working here, I want to start studying in an art college someday. I want to progress in life. By working here many from my community were able to build a house, have a family, get married, and raise children. I want many more community children to grow up to work here and prosper.