Launching Joyya, a new ethically sourced brand

Launching Joyya, a new ethically sourced brand - Joyya

Announcing Joyya, a new ethically sourced brand, transforming one neighborhood at a time through education and empowerment.

Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND, September 17, 2021: Joyya is launching globally with a mission to bring lasting change to communities living with the horrors of extreme poverty and human trafficking. Joyya is a commercial brand manufacturing eco-friendly products including apparel, bags, and accessories for the resale, events, promotional and corporate markets, with its fair-trade certified production facilities located in four of West Bengal, India’s most challenging communities.

Joyya represents a new culture, a new brand promise, and a new commitment to the communities served by this social enterprise. “Our entire global family couldn’t be more excited about the Joyya brand and all that it represents. We want to be a source of good in the communities we live and work, seeing both the people and places flourish. We have four ambitious goals: be a source of economic opportunity where little is found, to spark lasting social change in our communities, and to have a lot of good times together as we try to make this a reality!”, says Anthony Watt, one of the Joyya Founders.

To help us reach these goals, here’s what Joyya is focusing on:

  • Creating economic stability by offering meaningful employment to the people of the communities so that people are empowered to make positive choices in their lives.
  • Supporting local initiatives build capacity in education, health, legal services, vocational training, housing and recreation.
  • Acting responsibly throughout its supply chain by manufacturing ethical products that are good to people, places, and the planet.
  • Partnering with like-minded businesses and individuals who want join Joyya in their vision of flourishing people and places all over the world, especially where it is most needed.

The materials used in Joyya’s manufacturing are sustainable, eco-friendly, and gentle on the planet such as organic cotton, natural jute, and recycled materials. The employees and their families are at the center of the business. Joyya’s products are available for export worldwide with dedicated sales offices in India, the United States of America, and New Zealand.

“Cheaper merchandise comes at a cost to the planet and people. From day one we wanted to be different. We want our buyers to feel good about buying our products. They make a transformative impact on the lives of those who make them, their communities and the world”, says Nancy Knapp, head of Marketing for Joyya.

Joyya wants to be a model of striving for good in this world, showing that business can have a purpose well beyond mere profit by acting as a force for good, serving the community and sustainably satisfying social and economic needs.

About Joyya:

Joyya is a social enterprise dedicated to transforming communities marked with extreme poverty and exploitation, through employment and empowerment. Located strategically in four communities of West Bengal India, we are a global manufacturer and wholesaler of Fairtrade bags, apparel, and accessories. Also, through our nonprofit Joyya Trust, we are spreading good through building relationships and various development projects in communities where we live, work and play. Learn more at or email for sales or any other inquiry. Like us on and Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn @Joyyaworlds


For media related query, contact:

Nancy Knapp,

Head of Marketing, Joyya

+1 513-543-3168