A mom who wants the best for her daughter

A mom who wants the best for her daughter - Joyya

For over ten years, I have been working in this company. The main reason for me to work here is my daughter. I joined here in 2018, and a little earlier my husband had lost his job. My daughter had just been admitted to school. She goes to an English medium school. And I could not manage her educational expenses.

Now I am a t-shirt supervisor. To be more precise, t-shirt training supervisor. It is going well but I have many more dreams, I hope they will get fulfilled someday. I have a lot of aspirations for my daughter. Since I do not have much education, I cannot speak English well. I want my daughter to learn well, speak English, and work in an office. I also have some personal wishes, like I want to have a house of my own. I have a goal for my profession, that I will also become a manager someday. I will also speak English and work on computers. These are all my desires.

We find it very difficult to get our children admitted to schools. No good schools accept them. If people could think about the children of our communities that would be great. Just like how I want my child to learn dancing, computers, and fine arts. The mothers of this community also want the same. But they never have the opportunity.

I have seen a lot of women join the company after me. At first, I didn't understand the mission of the company. But after working here for some time, deepening friendships with the people working here I realized the purpose of the company. The company has helped many women like me. After coming here, people want to forget their past lives. Because they have gone through a lot of suffering and pain. After joining here our lives have been transformed.

Many women suffer extreme torture from their husbands. Here we discuss our family life and children. We listen to one another. We always think about how to help one another. Sometimes we counsel, we may not be able to help financially but we provide mental support to one another. We also guide one another on what will be the best for our kids.

It also happens that we fight and get badly beaten up at our home and then come to work. Maybe at home, we don't have peace. But when we are at work we feel at peace.

There may be girls and boys from our community who will get educated. Our company is training them and giving them a good opportunity to work here. Perhaps with their potential, they can work somewhere else. But because of where they come from, they will not be easily accepted elsewhere. I would like to thank our company from the bottom of my heart for creating opportunities for us.