A determined daughter who gifted her mom a new life

A determined daughter who gifted her mom a new life - Joyya

For the past ten years, I have been working in this company (Joyya). I started working here in 2010. At first, I learned to sew. Then I moved to pants making. I learned to sew pants. I had a wonderful learning experience. I sewed well. After a few months, I joined the t-shirt department. And I learned to sew tees. Eventually, I became a supervisor for the tees team.

When I joined work, I had a purpose. I wanted to relocate my mom from this place (Sonagachi). Even if it was a rented place, that would have been fine. I had to face tremendous challenges to make it a reality. Little by little I started saving money. And finally, I was able to afford a rented house. We were starting afresh; it was a new beginning for my family. The days were full of hardships. I remember many nights when me and my mom had to share one packet of Maggi (noodles) for dinner. The next day I might come to work without bringing lunch.

We had to save money to pay the rent. We started anew, so we needed things. Initially, there were struggles but I kept on fighting. Today my mum is staying in a good house. Though rented, still it's good. I have a dream one day me and my mum will have a house of our own. I believe someday God will fulfil the desire of my heart.

When I started working here, I had little education. I was weak in English. Now the company teaches us English. I am learning too. Because of this I can do paperwork well. I am extremely happy about this.

I feel very nice when my mum tells our neighbours proudly, " My daughter is the best. She is more than a son to me. She takes care of me very well. She is very responsible from a young age." When I hear my mom praising me, I feel very happy.

Just like how I received an opportunity, in the same way I hope many other girls get an opportunity. In the way that I can live my life with dignity, they can also live their lives with heads held high.

I am fortunate that I work here. I have been working here for the past ten years. And I hope I will continue working for many more years. I am glad that here ESI (Employee State Insurance) and provident fund facility are available. My mom and I can access the ESI benefits. If my mom anytime falls sick, I don't need to worry much about the expenses for her treatment. And provident fund secures my future. I know for my retirement, every month, a sum of money is getting saved. I am happy this company offers such benefits.