Joyya US PBC Fulfillment Services


Joyya US PBC is able to provide warehouse storage as well as pick, pack and ship services for organizations, artisans, and manufacturers to US-based customers directly from our warehouse located in Cincinnati, OH USA.

These fulfillment services can be used by organizations located United States as well as organizations in other countries.   These products are owned, marketed, and sold by the vendors, at their cost, using their own sales process and payment processing, eCommerce web site or another sales channel.  Joyya helps these organizations grow and succeed by providing “last mile” fulfillment services for customers based in the United States.  This allows these organizations and artisan groups to expand their global business and reach more customers by selling to the United States market.

The Joyya US PBC (hereafter referred to as “Joyya”) fulfillment services model follows the standard “you sell it, we ship it” model.  Joyya Fulfillment fees cover the cost of storing your products in Joyya warehouse(s); picking, packing, and shipping orders; and providing limited customer service for products sold (related returns or exchanges).

How Does It Work

The Vendor is responsible for manufacturing, marketing, sales, payment processing, and all other aspects of the customer relationship.  Put simply, the vendor sells the product and Joyya fulfillment ships it to US-based customers.  The basic steps (detailed in this document) are as follows:

  1. Vendor sends their items to Joyya warehouse to store it
  2. After Joyya receives the inventory, vendors can monitor it through our online inventory management tracking software
  3. The customer orders vendors items from their eCommerce platform or alternative sales channel
  4. The vendor’s system sends a notification to Joyya (via E-mail, web services, etc.) regarding the new order with a link to view the order details online
  5. Joyya picks and packs the sold items
  6. Joyya ships the items by method chosen by customer and provides them tracking information via e-mail (the online inventory mgmt. system is automatically updated)
  7. Joyya provides customer service and return management for items (for items approved by the vendor for returns or exchanges)
  8. Monthly statements are sent to the vendor that include reports on items shipped, returned/exchanged along with a monthly invoice based on the current fee structure

Unlike most fulfillment services (e.g. Fulfilled By Amazon), Joyya fulfillment will allow vendors to provide marketing materials with their shipped products. 

However, vendors must provide any literature or marketing materials to be included with the shipment (Freeset is not responsible for printing marketing materials).  Prep service is limited to adding marketing materials when shipping the products as well as insuring that the product is clean and free from damages.

The costs for Joyya Fulfillment services is based on:

  • Base monthly fee
  • Cost per item processed (shipped, returned, or exchanged)
  • Approximate storage space used (in cubic feet) by all products
  • Shipping fees

For more information on capabilities, requirements, policies, limitations, and pricing for Joyya fulfillment services, contact Tim Bankes at