Joyya Collective

Joyya Collective is the social arm of Joyya. It is a collection of engaged neighbors, local NGO’s, value-aligned businesses and people of good will that partner together to spark good in our communities. What binds us is a passion to see people and places able to realize the changes they want for themselves, their families and neighbors.

We work and live in four jostling, vibrant, communities in Kolkata and West Bengal, India. Our neighbors are an extraordinary group of strong and resilient people, but for many of them poverty has stolen opportunities and choices from them.

Every community has its own unique beauty and struggles; therefore, every community decides what support will most benefit their community. We come together to listen, learn and support the identified social needs. Starting with the passions and dream of each community, we bring together some great development practice to create meaningful and lasting change.

"...every community decides what support

will most benefit their community."

We are support the following six key fields that people have identified as common struggles.

 Joyya Collective 6 key areas

We currently run a variety of programs addressing these needs. Here is a bit of a sample:

  • Merry Mashis’: Caring for the elderly
  • School Replacement: Educating kids while schools are shut during lock down
  • Legal Aid: offering free rites-based education, legal counsel and representation.
  • Sewing School: Vocational and domestic sewing training.
  • Advance Art classes: Discovering the next great artists of India!
  • COVID Medical Program: Providing vaccinations and covering medical expenses during the COVID pandemic.
  • Youth clubs: Safe spaces for kids to have fun and be kids!

We know that none of us are the total answer to the struggles our communities face. But we can all be part of the solution. We invite you to be part of the solution by joining us as we spark good in these communities. You can do this by donating, advocating for justice, and purchasing products. Those that are keen to have their lives disrupted a little more than this are also very welcome to come visit and see for yourselves the positive changes people are making, in their own lives, and in the lives of their neighborhoods.

Keep checking this page for updates as we continue to unpack how the Joyya Collective works and the positive changes that are happening as a result.