Thanks to the Covid pandemic schools in India have been shut for two years!
Now we want to support 500 of our community kids to go back to school – so they aren’t left further behind. It’s a big dream, and no small mission, but with your help we might just be able to make this happen.

$100 could help to cover uniform and stationery costs as well as school fees for one student.

Our non-profit partner for US tax-deductible donations in the US is Freeset USA.

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“It makes me feel sad when I can’t go to school because I can’t study or see my friends and I miss my teachers. I also have to do many more chores when I am at home. My Mum is out at work all day and I feel scared being in the house by myself.” – Aparna.


Could you help a child like Aparna to return to school? To make sure our community kids are given the best opportunity to fulfill their potential? We’re really worried that some of the children here will never return to school. Some girls will become child brides and some boys will be put into child labour - as their families simply can’t afford to send them back to school.

Not returning to school will really limit their futures and slow down the progress our communities are making. We can’t remove every barrier to education, but we can remove the cost barrier for families and normalize returning to school as much as possible.

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